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Spring flowers by passion for flowers

Posted by in on Apr 27, 2016 .

Spring flowers 

What’s nicer than having a fresh Spring bouquet of flowers around the home? Not only can they brighten up any room, but they smell divine too! 

If you struggle with making your house look pretty in parts or even if you’re a total interiors guru, we want to share with you some ideas of using flowers around the home.

Firstly, here at Passion for flowers, we want to prove a point. You don't need to know the name of flowers or go on a floristry course to know flowers in your bedroom look lovely. 

We want to remind you how creative you can be with flower vases! You can use old tins, bottles, watering cans, teapots and even a cup and saucer to make an interesting vase. Why not put a brollie bouquet on your front door?

Last update: Apr 27, 2016